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Why We Chose our Great Loop Boat, Sweet Day

Nuts and Bolts

Manufacturer: Camano Troll 1996

Length: 31 feet (28 feet waterline)

Beam:10 ft 6 in Draft: 3 ft 3 in Engine: Volvo Penta TAMD41P-A, Diesel 200 HP

Tanks: 100 gal fuel, 77 gal fresh water

Generator: Apollo 4 KW

How We Found Sweet Day

We started our search last summer. Working with our boat broker, Murray Yacht Sales, we toured 2 Camano 31s in Maryland to get a sense of if this type of boat is one we could be comfortable on.

It passed the test (and got Mom’s approval), but they weren’t quite the right boats for us. In October, our broker found one in Punta Gorda, FL that hit a lot of our checklist. So from NJ, we hopped on a video call and our broker gave us a tour of the boat. She was in our price range, in the right location, and there wasn't a lot left on the market. So we said yes!

Why We Choose a Camano

1. Wasn’t too big

The bigger your boat, typically the more expensive it is. Locks and marinas often charge by the foot, bigger boats take more fuel, and generally have more stuff that needs maintenance. Not to mention, bigger boats can be harder to maneuver (or at least find space). While 31 feet can feel like a big boat (especially when most of your boating experience has been on a paddle boat), she is smaller than what most Looper boats (in the 40 foot range).

2. We could drive outside

We do most of our driving (and hanging) on the flybridge where there is better visibility and quite frankly, just nice to be outside with fresh air. Since we are moving the boat a considerable amount of time, we wanted to ensure we would be comfortable.

3. Could go “Fast”

Sweet Day is a trawler, so she’s meant to cruise leisurely, and best/most efficient cruising speed is around 8-9 mph. But, if we need to push it for whatever reason, she can go up to around 15 mph. While this isn’t fast in car terms, most trawlers can’t go past 7-8 mph. Having the ability to go 30% faster over a period of 6,000 miles—well, that time can make a difference if we need that option.

4. Single Diesel Engine

Yes, a double engine makes docking much easier and can give peace of mind if an engine breaks while underway. But, more engines can come with more problems and more fuel (i.e. more $). Our engine is a Volvo Penta TAMD41P-A and came with 1700 engine hours (equivalent measure of miles on a car), which means has still at least about half life left.

5. Has a generator

Generators don’t come with Camanos, and typically need to be installed by the owner. At a cost around $20K to put one in, we didn’t want to have that added expense (or work). But, we wanted one when anchoring, so we can still run a few things and not drain our batteries. It’s loud, and will see how much we use it, but I have the manufacturer’s (Steve) number on speed dial, so fingers crossed it meets all our needs when needed!

6. Comforts of Home

Some do the Loop in a jet ski, we wanted to be comfortable. Sweet Day comes with a fridge, microwave, oven, stove, bed, bathroom, light-filled salon (living room), room to lay on the deck, and hang space on the flybridge. Check out the projects we've done on the boat, including ways to make Sweet Day home sweet (day) home here.

Why Sweet Day

Sweet Day came to us without a name (at least by the previous owner). We wanted a name that was fun, reflected what we wanted to get out of the adventure, and was ours. We came up with Sweet Day—inspired by our first dance song, Ol’ Sweet Day, by AHI, about at the end of the day, all you want is to be with your loved ones. And also thought it would be a good reminder, that no matter what happens, any day on the water is a sweet one.


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