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25 Things We’re Thankful for on Sweet Day

We've expressed our range of emotions while doing the Great Loop, but gratitude has been a constant. So in honor of Thanksgiving (yes we’re a couple of days late) and coming up on the final few weeks of our Loop, here are 25 things (obvi there's way more) we’re thankful for on Sweet Day.

1. Mike, who helped get Sweet Day ready and always answers our phone calls when we need help (we wouldn’t be here without him)
Preparing our Great Loop trawler boat

2. Mechanics that somehow seem to fit us into their busy schedule and also let us store their numbers in our phone for help on the go

3. Towns that have open alternator shops
Alternator shop

4. Tim’s wifi that has given us connectivity 99% of our trip

Wifi on the Great Loop

5. Mother Nature (and the apps that tell us how she's behaving)

6. The Coast Guard on patrol 24/7 keeping an eye out for mariners in distress

7. Tow captains and their crew that transport goods up and down our river systems

Tow and barge on the Tenn-Tom River on the Great Loop

8. The couple in a very nice boat in Georgia who shared their steak dinner with us when we pulled up next to them after a few days out at anchor

9. Loopers on every leg of the journey to share a meal, grocery run, and stories

10. Our Mantus anchor that keeps Sweet Day snug and lets us sleep well while on the hook

At anchor at the Waterfall on Tennessee River on the Great Loop

11. The coyotes that are fun to listen to but don’t swim out to our boat

12. Dolphins that come by the boat to say hi (you can stay longer!)

Dolphins swimming on Mobile Bay

13. The marinas that have working and free pump-out stations

14. A depth sounder that works and reminds us to focus when we aren’t paying attention to our charts

15. Sweet Day’s tenacity and willingness to always be up for an adventure, even if she sometimes gives us a hard time

Working on our Great Loop trawler boat

16. That tiny marina conveniently located on Lake Huron that just closed for the season but let us stay for a couple hours to wait out a storm

Docked at Hammond Marina on Lake Huron

17. The incredible generosity of friends and family who have come to visit Sweet Day, let us tie up at their home, or share a meal with us--you’ve made this trip so special!

Camano 31 trawler docked on Ono Island

18. Watermen, fishermen, and shrimpers who spend tough days out on the water so we can enjoy fresh seafood.

Shrimping boats on the ICW in Georgia

19. Those that are working to keep our waters clean and healthy for all that call them home.

20. People that know how to operate lift bridges and locks that allow us to pass through some otherwise unnavigable waters (and have nearly as much control as Mother Nature does for safe passages up and down our waterways)

Cruising through the Olmstead Lock and Dam on the Great Loop

21. The pistachio cruffin and bread at Niedlov's bakery in Chattanooga and all the other local treats we've tasted along the way.

Cruffin at Niedlov's Bakery in Chattanooga

22. The TowBoat US guy that helped escort us through some shallow inlets around Long Island (And TowBoat US generally for the assurance we can get help most places if we need it)

TowBoatUS in Long Island

23. Strangers who caught our lines and helped us tie up safely and pointed us in the direction for some good local food

24. Support and love from our family and friends--thank you for being a part of our journey, we couldn't do it without you.

25. Each other.

Millennials cruising the Great Loop


John M
John M
Nov 28, 2021

Love this!


Nov 27, 2021

Love this post and grateful for sharing your trip with us! 💜💜

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